An article about coloured diamonds, together with some useful details about diamonds for people today contemplating making use of them in an engagement ring.So you want to to own diamonds in your wedding jewellery. You’ve thought about them for the engagement ring, wedding ceremony rings and eternity ring, but you just can’t decide! Allot of pe… Read More

Cassiterite is made up of tin oxide and is the primary ore for tin. In actual fact, it is actually generally known as 'the tin stone'. Besides its critical industrial use, it has some attention-grabbing Houses that make high-high-quality crystals worthwhile gemstones. Cassiterite specimens may also be very popular with mineral collectors.Cassiterit… Read More

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A press release jewel like no other, read about the fascinating record of cocktail rings, at first a symbol of rebellion and independence. Margot McKinney Lightning Ridge opal and multi-coloured gemstone cocktail ringAssertion jewels like no other, it seems fitting that cocktail rings started out as an indication of rebellion in opposition to the P… Read More

For a lot of People, turquoise seems to be a distinctively American gemstone. It is actually mined in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada, using a long historical past in native American jewelry.Natural Blue Turquoise CabochonNatural Blue Turquoise CabochonNevertheless turquoise has been a vital gemstone in many Eastern cultures for Many a lon… Read More